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X to feature audio, video calls, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk sets temporary reading limits on Twitter

Owner of microblogging site, X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk, has said audio and video call features will be added to the platform.

Musk disclosed this on Thursday in a tweet he made via his handle on X.

According to the tech billionaire, the features will work on iOS, Android, Mac & PC.

Musk added that the features will not require a phone number to work. He stated, “Video & audio calls coming to X. Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC. No phone number is needed.”

” X is the effective global address book. That set of factors is unique,” he assured.

Since taking over the social media site in October 2022, Musk has made a lot of changes to the platform, including making the blue check mark a subscription-only feature, introducing community notes, monetisation of content, and the recent change of the company’s name to ‘X.’ On Saturday, July 1, Musk set temporary limits on the social media platform to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.

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