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Wisla’s ultras beat up Kewin Komar for leaving them without promotion

Kewin Komar, with the Puszcza Niepolomice.

The Polish club condemned the action through a statement after the news published by the media ‘Sportowe Fakty’ about the Puszcza goalkeeper Niepolomice

Kewin Kowar, goalkeeper for the Polish Puszcza Niepolomice, was beaten by ultras from Wisla Kraków, according to ‘Sportowe Fakty’. According to the outlet, hooligans beat him during a fire festival in Wisnicz May and threatened him with machetes in front of his house.

The ultras would have recognized him and beat him up. The ‘reason’, according to the outlet, would be that Kowar was key for Puszcza Niepolomice to eliminate Wisla in the semifinals of the promotion playoff to First Division last season. The historic Polish club did not go up to the Ekstraklasa after losing (1-4) in the ‘semis’, giving the goal two assists in that match.

The Wisla censored what happened in a statement:” We express a firm objection to any act of aggression, violence or hatred, as well as any form of violation of personal integrity. Actions that put health and life at risk are absolutely condemned of people: they have no place in our club community or in football. The club will work with the relevant services to clarify the matter immediately.”

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