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Banditry: Masari Officially Sanctions Self-help in KatsinaTHISDAYLIVE

Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina has told residents of the state to take up arms against bandits terrorizing their communities.

Admitting that prayers are important during a condolence and sympathy visit to families of 10 persons who were killed after being hit by a Nigeria Customs vehicle, Masari however stated that it is morally wrong for people not to make any attempt to defend themselves against those attacking them.

Stressing that it is the people’s meek submission that emboldens the bandits to continue with their heinous activities, he added that people must stop thinking that security is the sole responsibility of the government.

Masari said;

“We must intensify prayers with clean minds to seek God’s forgiveness and intervention.

“We must all rise up to counter the insecurity challenge, we must not seat and watch some people buying guns attacking our Houses, we too should buy the guns and protect ourselves.”

On the destruction caused by the Customs vehicle, the Governor said his government is perusing all the necessary legal steps to seek redress for the families of the deceased, as well as those who sustained various degrees of injuries.

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