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UNPOPULAR OPINION!!! Which Olamide Album Do You HATE?

In the many albums by Olamide, is there a specific album that you don’t really like at all?
When it comes to music, personal preferences are natural and varied. Olamide’s albums have showcased his evolution as an artist, with each release offering a unique blend of sounds, themes, and styles.

While many fans have their favorite Olamide albums, it’s also important to acknowledge that not every album might resonate equally with everyone.

Olamide’s catalog is marked by a range of albums that cater to different moods and musical tastes.

From his earlier “Rapsodi” projects that introduced him to the industry to his more recent album “Unruly” which showcases his growth and versatility, there’s a wealth of material to explore.

As much as Olamide has used his Album to Gbe wa debe, there’s obviously that album doesn’t really resonate with you, and you don’t really enjoy it. For me, the “LAGOS NAWA” album is not it for me at all.

So Guys

Which Olamide Album Do You HATE The Most?
Let’s hear from you…

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