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Ummukulsum’s murder: Witnesses narrate how Chinese national stab victim to death

HOMICIDE: Kano Re-arraigns Chinese National - The Dispatch
Quangrong (left)with prison

The culpable homicide trial against a Chinese national Geng Quangrong resumed yesterday, with a fresh account of how the late Ummukulsum Sani was murdered.

Two witnesses, who testified before Justice Sanusi Ado Ma’aji of Kano State High Court, Miller road, revealed that Quangrong stabbed Ummukulsum in her room when he forcefully gained entrance and locked himself up with the victim.

Responding to questions from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Kano State Ministry of Justice, Aisha Mahmud, younger sister to the late Ummukulsum Sani, Asiya Sani said on September 16, 2022, at about 9:00 p.m., Quangrong came to their house banging heavily at door.

Asiya said her Mother, Fatima Zubairu went to enquire at the instance of her late sister who told her that it was the Chinese friend, but insisted he should not be let in.

According to Asiya, the mother who could no longer hold herself against the heavy knocks on their door later opened the door and allowed the Chinese national in, after he’d been left in the rain for a long time.

Immediately after the mother opened the door, Quangrong pushed her away and rushed to the house, where he met the late Ummukulsum and stabbed her to death.

“As my Sister entered a room making calls, the Chinese man followed her, locked the sitting room and inner room, and at that time went to the inner room window; peeping and I saw Mr. Quangrong holding a knife and on top of my sister who was on a bed stabbing her with it.

“ At that time with terrible fear, I quickly rushed out and started calling for help alongside my siblings and our mother who was already outside the house looking for help.

“When Mr. Quangrong realised the implication of what he had done, he came out of the room through the window and abandoned the lifeless body of my sister.

“At that point, our neighbours rushed in and arrested him from where they handed him over to the police. I and two others took my sister to the hospital, but she was not moving. It was at the hospital that the doctor told us she was dead,” Asiya revealed.

Taken her turns on the witness box, the mother of the victim, Fatima Zubairu, corroborated the narration of Asiya but affirmed that there was a two-year courtship between her late daughter and Mr Quangrong.

Responding to cross-examination from the defence lawyer, Mohammad Danazimi, Fatima confirmed that the suspect was generous and supported her family.

She also affirmed that Ummukulsum promised to marry the Chinese national.

The defence counsel put it to the witness that the relationship between the late Ummukulsum and Quangrong spanned between 2020 and February 2022 and later crumbled.

He revealed that the family of the late Ummukulsum failed to fulfil their promise after Quangrong lodged N117 million in the account of the deceased person for the purchase of marriage materials, besides

Besides the N100,000 weekly allowance, he was giving Ummukulsum in preparation for the wedding, which Fatima could not deny.

Justice Sanusi Ado Maji has adjourned the matter to Thursday, November 17, 2022, for the continuation of the trial.


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