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The spokesperson of Uganda’s opposition party, National Unity Platform (NUP), says offices where agents were gathering material for an election petition were raided by military officers.

Joel Ssenyonyi told the BBC’s Newsday that the party was in the process of collecting election results forms that have evidence of irregularities in the just concluded election.

He said the party leader Bobi Wine’s home remains cordoned by the military.

President Yoweri Museveni – who won a sixth term – has denied reports of election irregularities.

The internet blackout that is on its fifth day has made it difficult to communicate.

“Each presidential candidate is provided with the DR form, why doesn’t he want to present the DR forms that were given to us by his electoral commission?” Mr Ssenyonyi questioned.

The opposition said they had photos and video evidence too.

“Mr Museveni knows we have those things that is why he is shutting down the internet; he doesn’t want us to put those things out there for the whole of Uganda and the international community to realise how much of a fraudster he is,” he said.

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