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The tremendous accident of a triathlete due to the ‘fault’ of a teammate

Triathlete Suffers NASTY Bike Crash After Controversial Shove

Nicole van der Kaay ended up on the ground during the Triathlon Super League event in Toulouse. The New Zealand triathlete crashed into the fence when her teammate, Italian Alice Betto, pushed her to the side of the road.

Van der Kaay rolled on the ground. Shortly after, social media was flooded with messages blaming Betto for intentionally pushing her partner. “My race ended early, but there were no broken bones, just the heart. The video does not show the full sequence: it was an accident; unfortunately, accidents happen in races; we get up, lick our wounds and prepare for the next race “Alice apologized and is deeply sorry,” Van der Kaay wrote to exonerate his teammate in the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions.” I am very sorry for the accident, especially because Nicole is also my teammate. I am very sad about everything that happened. I hope that next time we do better as a team, and I wish Nicole a speedy recovery, “commented Betto.

The competition itself also had to come to the fore. “The video shows an incident that occurred during high-pace races. Both athletes are healthy and acknowledge it was an accident. Super League Triathlon does not tolerate hateful or harmful comments on our social media accounts and will take action to block users who publish such comments,” the Triathlon Super League wrote on its Instagram account.

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