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The magical week of Spanish sport

The magical week of Spanish sport.

In just ten days, national athletes have collected 24 medals (eight gold, nine silver and seven bronze) in six World Cups of Olympic disciplines

With the passage of time, Spain continues to demonstrate that it enjoys iron health in the world of sport. Demanded to find new idols to replace the mark left by the past generation of figures, the new batch of Spanish athletes does not hide from the challenge, but rather overcomes it with overwhelming confidence. In just 10 days, Spain has achieved 24 medals in six World Cups in different Olympic disciplines: the Spanish women’s soccer team, María Pérez, Álvaro Martín, Carolina Marín, Mo Katir, Antía Jácome… They have all sewn their name into history, recent of Spanish sport.

This feat acquires greater relevance when it is taken into account that many of these victories have double value, since the achievement of different Olympic places in their corresponding disciplines was at stake. Thus, in athletics 3 Olympic minimums have been achieved, while in sailing they have reached 7, in canoeing there are 15 Olympic places achieved and in rhythmic gymnastics, two.

In addition, records and barriers have been broken that until recently seemed impossible. But that word makes less and less sense in his vocabulary. It not only wins, but also substantially grows in those categories that we would never have dreamed of.

Spanish women’s team – world champions
Seven years ago, those called up for our first World Cup traveled to Canada three days before the debut. They didn’t win any games, but they promised themselves that they would never go through that situation again. Spanish women’s football has become a world reference since that decision. Olga Carmona, with her goal, embroidered the first star in her history on the National Team shirt.

As if it were an ode to their own history, the 23 footballers prevailed over all the stones that they found along the way: fundamental footballers not called up, the defeat against Japan, the massive changes… Nothing and nobody could stop them. The time has come to value his feet, leaving aside those who want to shade him. The greatest demonstration of him came on the grass of the Olympic Stadium in Sydney.

World Athletics Championships – four golds and one silver
At the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Spain completed a historic performance. The Spanish team had never achieved so many golds as in this edition: four world titles thanks to the victories of Álvaro Martín and María Pérez in the 20 and 35-kilometer walk. Once again, this specialty, together with the middle distance, has sustained national successes in major championships because of 46 medals in World Cups, for example, 21 have been from the walk, 45% of the total.

In addition, Katir’s silver was the first world metal in this distance, a test of the midfielder so far deserted from world podiums. With Adrián Ben fourth in the 800 meters, Cristina Montesinos fifth in the 35 km walk, Fátima Diamé and Tessy Ebosele sixth and eighth in length and Mario García Romo sixth in 1,500, the Spanish team added 10 finalists and a seventh position in the table by points.

Spain finished third in the medal table, due to the number of gold medals, behind the United States and Canada, a table in which neighboring European countries, such as France, appear in 27th position, with only one podium, or not even at all. , like Germany (no medals in this edition). Carolina Marín – runner-up in the world
Who only knows victory, is not willing to taste the bitter taste of defeat. “I believe in myself again, I am at a very high level of my career,” Carolina explained to the media. Only the current world number, An Se Young, has prevented Marín from adding his fourth world Gold after an ordeal of injuries. It took twelve finals for Carolina to add her first silver. Absolute definition of the legend of her.

Now the focus is on the city of Paris. Getting to physical fullness is the main objective of the badminton player. “I hope this silver medal quickly turns into gold,” she proudly stated after getting off the podium. If her injuries respect him, her Olympic Games will give her what she took from her in Tokyo. A second Gold after that of Rio 2016. Canoeing World Cup – three golds, five silvers and bronzes
As for canoeing, Spain confirmed its status as a world power in Duisburg. If in 2022 it led the medal table in the World Cup (with eight podiums), this year it has finished second, only behind Germany, with 13 medals, three of them gold. This shows the position that the Spanish team has acquired on the international scene, which at the beginning of this century barely lived off the stellar appearances of David Cal. Sailing – one silver and one bronze
In the World Sailing Championships held in The Hague (Netherlands), the Spanish duo in the 470 Mixed class, made up of Jordi Xammar and Nora Brugman, won the silver medal. Both were They were silver in the 2022 World Cup and European Championship, fifth in the 2023 European Championship and third in the Marseille Test Event last month. In addition, five more Olympic minimums have been harvested. Rhythmic gymnastics – a silver and a bronze
In the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cups, which were held in Valencia, the Spanish team repeated the bronze they achieved in last year and which brought their Olympic qualification to Paris 2024. In addition, the team closed the championship with silver in the exercise of hoops and a fourth place in the mixed of tapes and balls. The other great prize of this World Cup, beyond the medals, was the two Olympic tickets won by Alba Bautista and Polina Berezina. Tennis and golf, more triumphs to add
This last week of success has to join a positive current that we have enjoyed during the summer break. Alcaraz arrives at the US Open as the top favorite along with Djokovic. “The Spanish never give up”, Novak snapped at a Carlitos who lost himself in a beautiful final in Cincinnati. Sara Sorribes, at the ATP 250 in Cleveland, did win the champion trophy.

Spanish golf is experiencing a comforting time on the grass. John Rahm is the current champion of the Augusta Masters, and Eugenio Chacarra was unleashed this Sunday with a victory in the St Andrews Bay Championship of the Asian Tour. With this discipline close, seven days that have elevated Spanish sport to the top of the world… If we ever get off it.

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