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The immortal ‘rogue’ of Luis Suárez: he protests loudly, takes off a boot and ‘scratches’ a yellow one at the rival

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The curious play of the weekend in the Brazilian championship was carried out by Luis Suárez in the duel between Gremio and Cruzeiro.

At the end of the first half, the Uruguayan, who returned to play after serving a suspension date, fell on the grass and demanded that the referee stop the game and signal a foul, between an angry fuss.

At that moment, he took off a boot with his own foot to confuse the referee. The opponent who supposedly had fouled him, defender Marlon, got angry, took the shoe with his hands and threw it angrily off the pitch.

Without putting on his boot and rising from the ground like a spring, Suárez demanded that the Cruzeiro footballer be reprimanded. The referee showed him a yellow card for throwing the ‘Pistolero’s’ boot, and the game continued between Marlon’s rage and the satisfaction of the former Barcelona player.

Suárez scored again after two monthsBefore this incident took place, in the 29th minute, Luis Suárez scored Gremio’s first goal and ended a two-month drought. After receiving a pass from Cristaldo, the forward faced the rival goalkeeper and opened the scoring for the team led by Renato Portaluppi.

Suárez was also involved in the Gremio’s second goal, putting a perfect assist on Felipe Carballo’s spur. The third and definitive one was from Pepê, who established the final 3-0 in the 78th minute.

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