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The Civil Guard, on the hunt for the driver who carries his ‘colleagues’ in the trunk

The Civil Guard is investigating the identity of the driver of a BMW 3 Series who has been recorded driving recklessly and carrying his friends in the trunk and doors.

The car that is being investigated, rolling in slow traffic.

The Civil Guard must sometimes face surprising facts. In this case, to investigate the identity of a driver who had his companions in the trunk and sitting in the very doors of the cars.

Is already being investigated

The events happened this Easter, and the agents of the Traffic Research and Analysis Group (GIAT) began the investigation when they verified the images of the enormous recklessness that the occupant of another vehicle uploaded to social networks.

The events have occurred in the province of Zaragoza, at the point where the N-232 approaches the town of Quinto de Ebro. And the infraction borders on the extreme because first the BMW 3 Series circulates with the passengers sitting in the doors, and then they get out of gear (this has been attested by a witness) and sit in the open trunk, all while the driver zigs -zags that take the car out of the lane.

Serious infractions

Just the fact of driving in a zigzag can already lead to a fine of 500 euros, in addition to the withdrawal of 6 points from the license. And it is also another serious infraction to carry passengers in the trunk, punished in this case with 200 euros.

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