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Sergio Ramos is not the only one: the signings rejected and condemned by his own fans

Sergio Ramos is not the only one: the signings rejected and condemned by his own fans

After the return, 18 years later, of Sergio Ramos to Sevilla became official, the ultra group of the Seville club, the Biris Norte, have publicly shown their rejection of the signing of the Cameroonian.

As they point out in a statement, they believe that “the mere proposal of this signing already represented a lack of respect for the values ​​that have made us great, for the symbols and legends that have defended our shield, and for the thousands of Sevillistas who have suffered.” the slights of this player in the past.” However, the signing of Sergio Ramos for Sevilla is not the only case in which a fan has condemned or opposed a new addition to their team. Below, we show you some of them.

Dani Güiza, from repudiated to hero in Cádiz
In the summer of 2015, the Cádiz board aroused the anger and discomfort of its fans after closing the signing of Dani Güiza. After leaving Cerro Porteño, the veteran forward was free and decided to head to the Cádiz team.

However, his arrival in Cádiz was not welcomed, and he was received at his presentation with multiple insults and chants against him. This hostile reception took place because Dani Güiza, from Jerez and former player for Xerez, Cádiz’s biggest rival, declared in the past that he “would never wear his shirt”, referring to the yellow elastic. Finally, Dani Güiza earned the forgiveness of Cadismo on the field of play. After scoring 12 goals in the regular season, the veteran forward scored, in the promotion playoff against Hércules, the goal of Cádiz’s promotion and returned the Cádistas, six years later, to professional football.

The complicated return of Antoine Griezmann to Atlético de Madrid
After excelling at Real Sociedad, Antoine Griezmann signed for Atlético de Madrid. In five seasons as a colchonero, the Frenchman posted spectacular numbers and earned the love and respect of his fans. However, everything changed when in the summer of 2019 he changed to Atlético de Madrid for Barcelona.

More than the decision, the anger of the Atlético de Madrid fans was caused by how Antoine Griezmann left the club. The footballer put on quite a show, even creating a documentary in which he communicated his decision to continue at the Madrid club and, just a year later, he left Atlético de Madrid.

When he returned to Atlético de Madrid two seasons after leaving, the Colchonero fans condemned the signing and took a stand against the Frenchman with whistles and insults. Finally, Antoine Griezmann has once again won the affection of his team with his great performance on the pitch .Rayo Vallecano fans threw away the signing of Roman Zozulya
In 2017, Real Betis and Rayo Vallecano reached an agreement for the loan of Roman Zozulya to the Madrid team. Hours later, the green and white club canceled the loan due to the enormous rejection that the Ukrainian’s arrival generated among Rayo Vallecano fans.

With banners that read “Vallekas is no place for Nazis”, Rayo Vallecano fans opposed the arrival of Roman Zozulya. All this commotion was generated by a photo of the player in which he posed with a logo of a neo-Nazi paramilitary group. Miguel Torrecilla, sports director of Real Betis at that time, indicated that” given the problems that arose with the radicals of Rayo Vallecano, we have spoken with this club and to protect the player, who is ours, we have decided that he returns to Seville. The first thing, “He is the person, and we must protect him.” The Rayo Vallecano fans got theirs.

Sampdoria fans block the signing of Santi Mina
In the last few hours, everything pointed to Santi Mina signing for Sampdoria. However, it seems that everything has gone to waste after the appearance of the Italian fans in the operation.

As reported in ‘Il Secolo XIX’, Sampdoria fans have blocked the signing of Santi Mina. This rejection is due to the fact that the former Celta de Vigo forward was sentenced in the second degree to 4 years in prison for sexual abuse. Sergi Guardiola left Barcelona for his tweets against Catalonia and in favor of Madrid
In 2015, Barcelona closed the signing of Sergi Guardiola so that the forward could reinforce the attack of the Blaugrana reserve team. However, the player did not even get to train with his new teammates, since he was fired a few hours after closing his signing.

After signing his new contract with Barcelona, ​​comments by Sergi Guardiola in favor of Real Madrid and against Catalonia came to light. Although these comments had occurred years ago, they were enough for Barcelona to break the agreement reached hours before.

“The time has come for the Classic… Hala Madrid.” “Hala Madrid, fucking Catalonia.” “Today fucking Catalonia and always Hala Madrid”. These were some of Sergi Guardiola’s comments that ruined his signing for Barcelona.Rafa Benítez or Salva Ballesta, cases of repudiation on the benches
Rafa Benítez occupied the Anfield bench for six seasons and in 350 official matches. All this, added to the Champions League that he won in the 2004/05 season, made him a true Liverpool legend.

Therefore, when he began to sound like a possible candidate for the Everton bench, Liverpool’s local rival, the Toffee fans showed their discontent and even threatened Rafa Benítez. With a banner that read “we know where you live, don’t sign”, Everton fans crossed the line.

Even so, this threat did not prevent Rafa Benítez from signing as the new coach of the ‘toffees’ and the coach lasted 22 games at Goodison Park, since his arrival did not solve Everton’s problems. In 2013, it was the Celta de Vigo fans who vetoed an arrival. Abel Resino was appointed coach of the Vigo team, and Salva Ballesta would be his second on the Balaídos bench. However, the rejection of the celestial fans prevented the former player from taking the position, and Abel Resino had to find a new assistant.

“A minority group of fans doesn’t want me to go there because of my Spanishness,” explained Salva Ballesta. Celta fans rejected his arrival and scolded him on social media, shouting “facha”, “fascist” or “Nazi”.

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