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Regarding the boycotts, the thumbtacks… the memory of Óscar Freire: I heard shots, I touched my leg and…”

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The first two stages of LaVuelta’23 have not been easy for various reasons. One of them is the boycott of some fans who threw thumbtacks or nails into the asphalt, causing punctures. With regard to these attitudes, Óscar Freire recalls in MARCA an event that he experienced in the past during his time as a runner.

“Yesterday was not the first time that I have seen something like this in cycling. There are many stages, many tests… I remember once in the Tour, in a rainy stage like the one on Sunday, that I heard some shots and I noticed in my leg that they had shot me. I touched my leg and saw that they had hit me with pellets”, advances the Spaniard, before offering more details.” The comrade who was ahead also got his finger. It was one more anecdote. Then we arrived at the hotel and the police told us that they had been caught after an investigation, but I think it was a lie. Luckily, I hardly have any more left.” If you look closely, yes… but they hit me from afar, I think they were in a forest, and then they hid,” Freire says.

The triple world champion, who is an analyst for Plenitude on Radio MARCA during this Vuelta’23, also makes his assessment of the favorite for this race: “I don’t see a clear favorite like I had last year with Remco. This year, I have more doubts. I consider Vingegaard the top favorite if he’s like he was on the Tour, but if he’s not like that, Roglic is also in his team. We also have Ayuso, who was already on the podium last year and who has another year this year. Last year, as a beginner, he got on the podium. This year we will have to wait for this Monday’s stage in Andorra. It’s not the most critical day, but you can see who can win LaVuelta”. What he hopes is that, as of this Monday, there will be no more shocks and both cyclists and fans enjoy themselves without shocks.

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