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Prevent bad marriage from happening to you by letting God help you choose right’ – Seun Osigbesan to single ladies

Nollywood Seun Osigbesan, is well known for playing the role of Jennifer, in the popular TV series, The Johnsons.
The mother of two has reacted to the death of popular IVD’s wife, Bimbo who died after long time of alleged  domestic violence.
Seun Osigbesan via her Instagram page urged single ladies to allow God choose the right partner for them.
For the already married women who are in different ways going through any form of abuse, Bimbo says she believes the foundation can sometimes be repaired.
She wrote, “To the single ladies out there
Building WITH A MAN (not building a man) is not a wrong thing to do but building with the WRONG PERSON is the big problem here.
Choosing a life partner is one of the major foundations of your marriage.
And if the foundation be destroyed, meaning if your choice of partner is wrong or damaged even before you both start to build the marriage, it is only a matter of time my dear, It will eventually collapse.
And as a single lady, you can still prevent a bad marriage from happening to you by letting God help you choose right!
Marriage is still a beautiful thing created by God
Two are always better than one
And two will always chase ten thousand or even more.
He who has ears, let ‘her’ hear what the spirit of God is saying and not what the world’s narrative of marriage is saying.”
Addressing the married ones, Seun Osigbesan noted, “To the married women who are going through physical, emotional or mental abuse in marriage,
The foundation can sometimes be repaired
But if you’ve done all you can and you still feel drained, then it means it is damaged beyond repair…The righteous can do absolutely nothing to it.
It is ok to allow it collapse so you can build again with the RIGHT PERSON.


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