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Popular sports photographer, Anthony Causi has died of Coronavirus weeks after he took to Instagram from his sick bed to state his plans for when he recovers from the deadly virus.

Anthony Causi, a New York Post sports photographer, died on Sunday, April 12, from COVID-19 at North Shore University Hospital. He was 48.

Causi is survived by his wife, Romina, and their children John, 5, and Mia, 2, as well as his parents, Lucille and John Causi, and sisters Maria Marangelli and Dianna Marotto.

“Anthony Causi was our colleague, our friend, and a brilliant journalist,” said Stephen Lynch, The Post’s editor-in-chief. 

“He was, quite simply, one of the best sports photographers in New York City, capturing all the major moments of the past 25 years. Soft-spoken, funny, but most of all kind — he was respected by those he photographed and admired by those with whom he worked.

“The Post that you read, and the newsroom that we work in, are less colorful today because of his absence. Our hearts go out to his family, and we share their grief.”

Causi’s job as a sports photographer brought him in close contact with a number of successful athletes, including the late Kobe Bryant.

Less than three months ago, following the death of Kobe, Causi was one of those who took to Instagram to mourn him while sharing a photo of them together.

Unfortunately, Causi contracted the deadly Coronavirus in March, but he had faith that he would recover and he even took to Instagram to share his plans for when he recovers.

Sharing a photo of him on his hospital bed, he wrote on March 22, “I never thought I would get something like this. I thought I was indestructible. If I do make it out of here, I promise you this, the world’s not going to know what hit it.”

Unfortunately, Anthony Causi’s condition worsened and he died 3 weeks after he shared his last Instagram post.

Sports lovers, athletes, and Causi’s former colleagues have gone online to mourn the much-loved sports photographer.

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