“Our endeavours to deliver a polio-free world are also helping strengthen the greater public health system, boosting the overall response to other health threats and emergencies. The polio structure has been instrumental in supporting surveillance and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout globally, also increasing the efficiency of the Region’s emergency responses to diseases including measles and cholera.

“Going forward, it is critical that we continue to advance our polio transition plans in tandem with eradication efforts, in order to best leverage our limited public health resources.

“On World Polio Day today, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the dedicated health workers who are delivering on the polio promise, going door-to-door to administer vaccines in often challenging circumstances, to safeguard every eligible child.

‘Let us continue to support one another as we accelerate efforts in Africa, and globally, to end polio once and for all,” she said.