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Nigerian man shoots and kills his wife in Florida

A Nigerian man, Hassan Teddy Adeyemo, has been arrested on a first-degree murder charge after he allegedly shot and killed his wife in East Orange County, Florida, the Sheriff’s Office said. In a statement, the police said deputies responded to Taxiway Circle, which is in a residential area near the Conway neighborhood, about 7:20 p.m.  Saturday, August 27, 2023. They arrived to find 43-year-old Nanchin Hassan Adeyemo, who had been shot. She was taken to an area hospital, where she died.

Detectives identified Adeyemo’s husband, 46-year-old Hassan Teddy Adeyemo, as a suspect in the killing.

He was jailed on a first-degree murder charge.

The Sheriff’s Office didn’t release any additional details on the killing beyond saying it was “domestic in nature.”

Hassan Adeyemo is being held without bail at the Orange County Jail.

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