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“Neo has not said he misses my rice” Uriel emotional over Neo’s nonchalance since leaving the house

In a recent episode of her podcast, former Big Brother Naija housemate Uriel opened up about her feelings for Neo. She revealed that his lack of feelings for her since leaving the house has her bothered. She noted that he had not even mentioned her name even once since she had gotten evicted.

Uriel, known for her candid and humorous personality, shared her thoughts on Neo’s seemingly indifferent attitude. During her recent podcast, Uriel couldn’t help but express her disappointment over his obvious nonchalance. She revealed, with a mix of emotions and humor, that Neo hadn’t mentioned missing her since they both left the Big Brother house.

Uriel had humoriusly pretended to cry as she expressed how disappointment. She even teased that she had anticipated Neo would miss her cooking, especially her rice that she had lovingly prepared for him while they were in the house.

However, Uriel didn’t stop there. She also went on to reveal that Neo had even mentioned missing Ilebaye, someone who was still in the house.

“He is huge down there” Uproar as BBNaija’s Uriel makes mind-blowing revelation on Père

Let’s recall that in the early days of August, following her eviction, Uriel Oputa had made a mind-blowing revelation about her co-housemate, Père Egbi’s genitals. In an interview with DSTV Nigeria, Uriel had revealed that Père has a big d!ck. According to her, she had seen his huge genitalia while they were bathing together in the house. She emphasized that Père is quite “general” (huge) down there. Her statement was however met with a lot of mixed reactions, as some netizens slammed her for it. People noted the hypocrisy at which men get condemned when talking about women’s private parts, but overlook it when women do the same.

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