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British model Naomi Campbell has showcased her airy villa in the Kenyan coast.

In a video interview with the Architectural Digest magazine, she walks through the villa professing her love Kenyan-made furniture and art.

The villa is roofed with dried coconut palm leaves, locally known as makuti.

Ms Campbell during the interview says she loves furniture made in African countries and often collects pieces from different countries.

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She said she visited Malindi in the 1990s and fell in love with the Kenyan coast.

Her villa is located in a luxury resort that has other private residences.

“It’s a very calming place,” she says. “You don’t really want to be on the phone. You’re not trying to find a television. You just want to read and be with yourself. It’s nice to just have the silence and the crickets,” the Architectural Digest quotes her as saying.

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