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Morgan Freeman made a surprise appearance on 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II. The Oscar winner is narrating the 16-track album. The 83-year-old recently opened up about how he landed the gig.

The actor told GQ he was excited to narrate Savage Mode II due to being a left turn from his “nice guy” roles.

He explained, “What happens is you sort of get locked into a position. Henry Fonda was in it, Spencer Tracy was in it, James Stewart was in it, even though he played a couple of bad guys.”

He continued, “You don’t really don’t want to be cast into a mold, but after a few years, it’s bound to happen. Every [offer] that’s outside of what you consider [your] mold is fun to do. I got to jump at it.”

Freeman was also impressed by the text, “I read the copy and was like, ‘Wow, there’s some wisdom in here.’ I think this is the way I think. It’s basically saying don’t suffer fools, and when you want something go for that.”

He added, “If [Savage’s music] is a young people thing, then this is stuff they need to be aware of. So it’s a good thing to do.”

Savage Mode II, which is available now, also includes Drake, Young Thug, and Young Nudy.

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