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Make-up products you should keep in the fridge

Make-up products you should keep in the fridge (HuffPost)

We all have storage spaces and containers for our make-up and beauty items but in reality sometimes and most of us don’t know this, but some are best kept in the fridge. Some products last for a long period of time are safe and valid when kept in the fridge, the list of products that should be preserved in here includes the following:

1. Eye cream

For great results, eye creams are best kept in the fridge. Sometimes we wake up in the morning with puffy eyes because a lot of fluid accumulate under our eyes and this can be sorted using our eye creams which are usually not effective in fluid form when stored in the refrigerator, it produces faster results.

2. Lipstick and Lipbalm

If you love your lipsticks and have in array of colours, for instance, place the ones you use once in a while. Don’t place your everyday lipstick in the fridge, instead place all the lipsticks that you need to keep in perfect condition in there.

3. Fragrance

keeping fragrance in the fridge is great, especially if they are sensitive ones. If fragrances are exposed to intense of heat and light, the chemicals in the fragrance will deteriorate with the smell completely altered. Try keeping it in the fridge and watch out for the difference.

4. Nail polish

Keeping the nail polish in the fridge will help you keep it with the same color. If nail polish are left out in direct sunlight or under intense heat, they tend to change colours or get thickened. Simply store in the fridge for best results.

5. Liquid make-up

Everything from mascara to the liquid eyeliner needs to be placed in the fridge, because all of them have an expiration dates once they are opened but to make them last as much as possible put them in the fridge.

You can do the same thing for those beauty products that you don’t plan to use for the next few weeks or months.

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