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Joaquim Rodríguez’s analysis: “Remco is one point above, but he lacks a team”

Joaquim Rodriguez - Road Cycling UK

Joaquim Purito Rodríguez, a LaVuelta classic, is back in the caravan this year with the role of ‘Caser’ ambassador. The Catalan analyzed everything related to the race at MARC during the stage 3 preview. “The truth is that it has not started as we wanted with the problem of the chrono and then the water, but it already seems that we are in the race. We have already arrived at the mountain, we have experienced an exciting high end. The roosters are already showing the cards,” he said. In Andorra, he has been in this outing with Juanpe and Eder Sarabia (Andorra’s coach, a fan of bikes, with whom he shares some training: “It is a little more difficult for me to follow Juanpe, of course, but Eder gives him a lot of cane. We had a good time. I am from Andorrita, although more from Barça. When they are in the First Division next year, I will have problems”

Despite what happened on Monday, when Vingegaard entered ahead of the favorite Roglic, Rodríguez does not believe that there will be problems in Jumbo: “In a final like this, if Roglic was not there, it is because he was not there. It is not that Jonas had to stop to wait for him. They were well-placed. Primoz was missing a little dot. We’ve been back for two days, there’s a lot of left to go. Roglic didn’t get there well last year either, but then he grew until he fell.”

An even fight”Remco has a point above the others, but the team that Jumbo has is missing. Not only with Jonas and Roglic, they are also with Kuss. UAE is also going strong, let’s see how far Ayuso goes. I’m liking Enric, he can play a good role”, he confirmed.

On the role of the Spaniards, the Catalan is optimistic: “Yesterday I dreamed of Enric becoming the leader. The one who didn’t have to win won because he could take away that bonus. But I have the impression that both Enric and Movistar did. They are going to do well. I want one of the favorites to win, but I would like one or two Spaniards to finally be on the podium.”

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