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Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s ex-boyfriend, new ‘Big Brother VIP’ contestant

Isabel Díaz Ayuso's ex-boyfriend, new 'Big Brother' contestant...

According to Formula TV, Jairo Alonso, ex-boyfriend of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, will be a contestant in the eighth edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’.

Alonso is a 32-year-old hairdresser and image consultant who had a relationship with Ayuso for a few months in 2016. After their breakup, the politician’s ex-boyfriend has stayed away from the media spotlight.

His participation in ‘GH VIP 8’ is a star signing for the program, which will premiere on September 12. Alonso will become the first contestant in the history of the reality show to have had a relationship with a top-level politician. The news of his participation has generated great expectation, since Alonso is expected to talk about his relationship with Ayuso on the program. Her entry into Guadalix de la Sierra’s house is scheduled for the first gala of the program, which will be broadcast on September 12.

Other ‘Big Brother VIP’ contestantsLittle by little, it is revealed who the new reality contestants are. This Tuesday, Telecinco organized an event to present the new season and showed the first official contestant. The giant screen showed the image of Sol Macaluso, the journalist and reporter for ‘Informativos Telecinco’ who stood out for her coverage of the war in Ukraine. She will be the first confirmed contestant for the eighth season of ‘GH VIP’.

Not officially, but unofficially because it was she herself who said it, she is Laura Bozzo, controversial presenter on Peruvian television. “I accepted this challenge because of so many lies that have been told about me. I want you to draw your conclusions, but first to know me, to know who I am naked, with the good, the bad, everything. May my life serve to demonstrate that with God, everything can be achieved,” he explained.


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