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Some couples of inter-tribal marriage in Jos have described the practice as highly beneficial to them and society.

The couples who spoke with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday said they had been enjoying the union right from the day it was consummated. Mr Gbenga Muili, who is Yoruba, said his wife was from Kaduna State, and that they had been married for six years and blessed with two children. ‘’Our children speak Yoruba, Hausa and English and we are happy about the fact that the language differences do not pose any barrier at all as the children can speak the languages, ‘’Muili said. Mrs Eve Thomas, a mother of three, said she hailed from Cross River, while her husband was from Kaduna, but that the culinary differences had added flavour to her marriage.

‘’Trust Calabar women with sweet food; I cook both tribal dishes for my husband, but he enjoys the one from my place, more, ‘’ Thomas said. Mrs Ruby James is from Benue, but her husband is from Anambra, and she said they had enjoyed every bit of the cultural differences. ‘’We travel to the village to see my parents once in a while and my husband will sit all day talking about the cultural dance and the various local dishes there, ‘’ James said. Mrs Ene Obuneme, who is from Benue, but married her husband from Anambra, said inter-tribal marriage had helped to widen her world view and that her children were always amazed when they were told about both cultures. ‘’Cultural diversity is a strength, not a weakness; we just need to understand and interpret them correctly and the various talents and creativity are just beautiful, ‘’ Obuneme said. (NAN)

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