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Iñaki López harshly criticizes Luis Rubiales: “He destroys the options for Spain 2030”

Iñaki López speaks harshly about the "Rubiales case": "He loads the...

Iñaki López has emphatically entered the ‘Luis Rubiales matter’. He has done it in ‘Better late’ and has issued a harsh warning after seeing the succession of events that is generating the case of the president of the RFEF suspended from his position after his kiss to Jenni Hermoso at the celebration of the champions’ title. World.

The presenter has brought out his most critical prism. He has spoken of the damage and discredit that is tarnishing Spanish football with actions and behaviors like those of Rubiales. But above all, it points to another great sporting milestone that Spain wants to achieve: becoming the host of the 2030 World Cup edition -in a joint candidacy with Portugal and Morocco-.”Rubiales loads Spain 2030 options”. This has been López’s blunt statement. And he has continued with the matter: “Meanwhile, the territorials ask for his (Rubiales) resignation, but they did not present the motion of censure when they had the option” and, furthermore, “(Jorge) Vilda without players. ”

And he gave the finishing touch when he referred to Luis Rubiales’s mother. She spoke about the confinement and hunger strike carried out by Ángeles Béjar in a church in the Granada town of Motril: “The farce continues with the President’s mother as the last trench. “

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