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IGP Egbetokun vows to deal with officers extorting motorists on highways

The acting Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, on Tuesday, vowed to deal with officers extorting motorists on major highways across Nigeria.

Egbetokun, in a statement signed by the Police spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, expressed his displeasure with the misconduct of some recalcitrant officers in that regard.

“The alleged incidences of extortion, intimidation and harassment of commuters on the highways are being looked into, and the Force is resolute in addressing these issues promptly and decisively,” Adejobi said.

“In response to the reports and series of complaints received on Police platforms, the IGP has directed all supervising officers to undertake stringent supervision of their subordinates in the field with the primary objective of curbing and eradicating the unprofessional conduct of erring officers.

“He noted that it is imperative that supervising officers take proactive measures to prevent any form of misconduct and where such misconduct is observed, they are expected to take immediate action to rectify the situation.”

The IGP similarly reiterated that to ensure a lasting solution to these issues, the Nigeria Police Force has initiated comprehensive training and retraining programs focused on cultivating a culture of civility and professionalism to stimulate behavioural and attitudinal changes among personnel.

Egbetokun said that continuous education and reinforcement of ethical standards will contribute significantly to enhancing the relationship between the Force and the public it serves.

The IGP has also directed the Monitoring Unit and other Disciplinary Units to intensify their efforts in identifying and apprehending officers engaged in acts of misconduct.

“Personnel found guilty of such offenses will face severe disciplinary measures, aimed at deterring future occurrences. Moreover, supervisory officers who fail to fulfill their duty of oversight will also face appropriate sanctions.”

Adejobi said that the Nigeria Police Force, under the present leadership, is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and public service.

He added that the IGP has urged members of the public to report any instance of misconduct, and reassures the citizens that strict measures will be taken to ensure that the actions of a few do not undermine the reputation of the entire Force.

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