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“I Call My Music Afrofusion” – Asake

In a clear statement of his musical style, Asake confidently labels his genre as Afrofusion. Just as Burna Boy also did, but in a very controversial way.
This self-assigned term encapsulates his artistic approach and the diverse elements that characterize his musical compositions.

Asake’s choice to identify his music as Afrofusion reflects a deliberate blending of various musical influences. The term “Afrofusion” suggests a harmonious amalgamation of Afrobeat’s rhythmic roots with contemporary and global musical elements.

As Asake said in the interview, he said he chose AfroFusion cause his music is a blend of many other Genres like Fuji, RnB, Amapiano and others.

By categorizing his music under this genre, Asake communicates his intention to create a unique sound that transcends conventional boundaries. His decision to label his music as Afrofusion signifies his dedication to crafting compositions that bridge cultural, stylistic, and sonic gaps.

As an artist, Asake’s embrace of the term Afrofusion encapsulates his artistic vision and the innovative approach he brings to his music. The label aptly captures his desire to explore new avenues of musical expression while honoring the rich heritage of Afrobeat.

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