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How to run an overpriced but successful Lagos restaurant

Here's how to run a restaurant in Lagos [Leadershipnews]

One business that seems to be thriving in Lagos is the restaurant industry. Every day, new ones are opened, and they do not lack customers. Despite the traffic, Lagosians are content creators and have taken up restaurant hopping as a side hustle.

The first step to opening a restaurant in Lagos is coming up with a name. Now, never use a Nigerian name like ‘Iya Basira’ or ‘amala central’, you are not even selling all that, think of the names of seafood like Brown Crab, American Lobster, Mantis Shrimp, Butter Clam, or spices like cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and coriander and name your restaurant after them.

Confuse your customers with the name you give your dishes: let them have no idea what they are eating, make it sound fancy and use fancy words like glazed, diced spaghetti with prawn, scallops and soaked raisin beans. They would be too embarrassed to ask what you mean and would just eat it like that.

This goes without saying. If you sell meals that are less than ₦15,000 then you are not worthy. Lagos’ restaurants strive to be overpriced, but it’s not always the restaurant’s fault: Lagosians love the feeling of faux luxury.

Remember that aesthetics are important: are there good picture spots? Have a big sign with your restaurant’s name on it, so people can stand by it and take pictures to post on Instagram.

Remember, presentation is everything; decorate the food but always make sure it is in very small portions; after all, they are there for the ambience and not the food.

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