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In 1975, Prince Charles became a member of the Magic Circle, a British society dedicated to endorsing and extolling the magical arts, after passing his audition with the classic “cup and balls” trick.
(Pictured) Performs his first conjuring trick in public to gain his membership to the Magic Circle, in London, England, on Oct. 28, 1975.

Prince Charles is back to good health after testing positive for coronavirus last month. The future King had mild symptoms of the life-threatening disease, and self-isolated for seven days at his Scottish residence, Birkhall. The 71-year-old is in the high-risk category because of his age, and his good health has played a vital part in helping him fight against COVID-19. Former royal doctor Anna Hemming has opened up to HELLO! about how Charles’ battle with the illness, and how while it isn’t always the case, the royal’s good health would have played an important part in helping him on his way to recovery.

Prince Charles is back to good health after being tested positive for coronavirus

Anna – who worked at Buckingham Palace for seven years during her time working as a GP for the royal household, explained: “We have now been living with social restrictions for two weeks and coronavirus awareness since February. We know some people breeze through infection while others don’t even realise they have it. There is no guarantee which group you may fall into when you get the virus, however it is well documented that more who are fit and healthy, exercise and have a good balanced diet recover quicker. This is also not the case for everyone and I know several fit healthy and super sporty young people currently in hospital on ventilators struggling to pull through. Fortunately, Prince Charles has recovered well and is back at his desk, opening the Nightingale Hospital on Friday by video link. We heard first hand that he is back working and good to see social distancing between those at the ceremony too.”

Dr Anna Hemming has explained about the different recoveries of COVID-19 patients

Charles has since spoken out about his battle with coronavirus. On Wednesday, he addressed the nation from his home office in Birkhall, describing it as a “strange, frustrating, and often frustrating experience.” His speech also highlighted the work of Age UK, in which he is Patron of the charity, as well as Silver Line, of which Camilla is a patron. The speech ended with details on how to stay healthy from the NHS, as well as numbers for both Age UK and Silver Line.

Charles opened the Nightingale Hospital via video link on Friday

On Friday, the Prince of Wales opened up the Nightingale Hospital in London via a video link from his Scottish residence, making history as the first of his family to carry out a royal opening remotely. The heir to the throne paid tribute to all those who have worked tirelessly to create the new medical facility at the ExCel conference centre in East London, calling it a “spectacular and unbelievable feat of work”. The Prince added he was “enormously touched” to have been asked to officially open the hospital before handing over to Natalie Grey, Head of Nursing at the NHS Nightingale, who unveiled a plaque on his behalf to mark the new centre’s official opening.

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