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He leaves his job at IBM to break a Guinness record: run 366 marathons in a row!

The Brazilian Hugo Farías, 44, ran a marathon every day for an entire year to surpass the record of the Belgian Stefan Engels and the Englishman Gary McKee, who completed 365

More than a year ago, Brazilian Hugo Farias decided to leave his job at IBM to embark on an adventure: achieving a Guinness record. To establish that record, this ultrarunner had to run a marathon every day for a year and a day, since the previous record was held by the Belgian Stefan Engels and the Englishman Gary McKee, who completed 365 consecutive marathons.

With a charitable objective also behind it, this great project required exhaustive planning. To do this, Farias had the support of a team of health professionals that included trainers, a physical trainer, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a nutritionist, an orthopedist, a dermatologist (his wife), as well as cardiologists and physiologists.

Farías collected his marathons on Strava, where he used the daily numbers according to the race number he was in. And after completing his last marathon, the numbers compiled are from Guinness. For example, Farias ran 15,443.37 kilometers, with a total altimetry of 129,940 meters.

During 26 rainy days, 97 cloudy days and 223 sunny days, the Brazilian completed 58 marathons in less than four hours, used 27 pairs of sneakers and collected and donated 170 liters of milk and half a ton of rice and oil. In addition, the runner consumed more than 1,200,000 calories, approximately those in 2,400 hamburgers.

In this project, Hugo Farias achieved the support of numerous people. Thus, up to 5,000 joined him to run some of the kilometers traveled in those 366 days. Of them, 300 people were able to complete the 42 km.

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