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“He hates me and my son so much” Sandra Iheuwa calls out her ex-husband, Steve Thompson, shares receipts

Sandra Iheuwa,  one of the babymama’s of Ubi Franklin and the ex wife of Royal Hairs boss, Steve Thompson has called him out.

The mother of four vented out over the hatred Steve has for her and her son.

She pointed out how he was trying to use her past against her and fabricating lies against her.

In a series of post on her Instagram page, she questioned who would fight for her and her son, if she doesn’t do so herself.

She revealed how she tried to make peace with him privately and how she tried convincing him to see and acknowledge his son.

She, states that he was bent on destroying her to the extend of threatening her.

“I really hate that I’m doing this but I have to at this point. I don’t know why this man hates me and my son so much… The same man that asked me to marry him and he would protect me and treat me better…now he’s trying to use my last against me and fabricating lies against me. If I don’t fight for myself and son, who will? God knows I tried my best to make peace with this man privately but he’s bent on trying to destroy me to the extend of threatening me. This is me speaking up”.

Sandra Iheuwa’s lawyer petitions Steve Thompson

Her post is coming hours after Steve Thompson replied to her petition.

KFN reported that Sandra, through her lawyers, had filed a petition against him.

Her attorneys accused Steve of threat to life and grievous bodily harm in petitions to the Inspector General of Police and the American Embassy.

The lawyers claimed that Steve was involved in an “illicit relationship” shortly after marrying Sandra and he infected her with a sexually transmitted disease while she was pregnant, despite pleas for him to stop the affair for the sake of their unborn baby’s health.

The petition also alleged that Sandra Iheuwa used part of Steve Maduka’s office as her delivery office and reached an agreement with him for her to pay part of the rent.

However,  after the resolution of the rental issue, Steve Maduka threatened to “resort to self help” to throw her out if she doesn’t move out of the property in 7 days, the petition states.

It added that Steve proceeded to send Sandra Iheuwa WhatsApp messages threatening to “use his gun” on her. He also allegedly threatened to follow through on his threats even if she relocates to the United States of America.

The lawyers petitioned the US embassy to prevent Steve Maduka from procuring the US Immigrant Visa using his estranged spouse, Sandra Iheuwa’s details, as Sandra has left Nigeria “solely for her safety”.

Steve Thompson reacts to ex-wife’s petition

Reactor to it, Steve took to his Instagram story to debunk the news.

He claimed that he wasn’t planning to apply for immigration and wasn’t making any threat to her life.

“What exactly do these people want from me, you are pleading to come back to me and I said no, I initiated divorce proceedings and you started lying up and won, what’s all these nonsense for? We been separated since 31st December 2021 and I haven’t seen you since then, how will I then kill you? You are still using my office till this moment why not get yours?? Your dad reported that I said I will shoot you if you don’t leave my home which was a lie, police investigated and found it to be a lie and matter was closed in March, why then send it to Linda in October to post???

Since March what is this I blocked a your numbers and you think the best way to get my attention is to lie against me? My lawyers wrote the UD embassy and matter was resolved on April, I don’t even intend applying for any US immigrant visa as I haven’t tried since 2014, can’t this girl let me rest haaa Jehovah abeg o, US this US that you think they don’t know how a bitter EX you are? Leave me alone biko as our divorce proceedings is still in court, find another man and leave me alone”.

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