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Gisela Pulido’s latest challenge: kitesurfing in a wind farm in the North Sea

Gisela Pulido, the Iberdrola ambassador and 110-time Kitesurfing world champion, is clear: “If there is wind, I don’t consider not going into the water.” For this reason, it has gone to one of the largest offshore wind farms in Europe, EAST ANGLIA ONE, with its 102 windmills, covering an area of ​​300 square kilometers.

At +50km from the port of Lowestoft, where the expedition left, EAST ANGLIA ONE was the ideal setting for such a special navigation. Gisela was in the open sea, alone with the windmills, her kite, her board, and a single energy, that of the wind. Gisela highlighted the magnitude of the park, feeling “super small next to the gigantic mills (167 meters high), in the middle of the sea. ” It has also been a new experience for the East Anglia One team. Accustomed to working in demanding conditions and with an extremely rigorous safety protocol, they had the opportunity to work with a kitesurfer for the first time.

Gisela is now seeking qualification for the Paris Olympic Games in Formula Kite, a kitesurfing speed discipline, where she will have the possibility of obtaining a place in the European Championships in Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom.I berdrola supports 32 national sports federations, support that benefits 600,000 female athletes or, in other words, that already reaches two out of every three federated women in Spain. It also gives name to 32 leagues, all of them top category, and more than 100 competitions. In addition, it has 32 ambassador athletes. With this commitment, Iberdrola contributes to promoting the successes of women’s sports, promoting equal opportunities and promoting healthy habits in society from an early age.

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