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Germany survives 4/26 in Schroder shots and ends Latvia’s dream

Dennis Schoder shoots a basket in the game against Latvia.

You have to be a very solid team and have a lot of resources to win a game in which your star gives the worst performance of his career: 4/26 in field goals, including 0/8 in triples, -10 in efficiency and with it On the track the balance is -20. This is what happened to Germany, which reached the semifinals of the World Cup, where it will face the United States, and is close to a direct ticket to the Games after ending Latvia’s dream (81-79), despite Dennis’ horrible match. Schröder. The Latvians held on until the last moment, as they had the ball to win. Zagars, with 24 points, took them there. Davis Bertans, who had scored six triples, missedthe one who, from nine meters, would have prolonged the miracle of his selection.

Latvia’s performance was extraordinary, demonstrating all the good things that had led them to the quarterfinals. Smits’ mobility punished the rival interiors, the ball circulation was fluid and Davis Bertans had his day from the triple. He would finish with 20 points. Added to this was that Germany did not find the tact for penetrations, especially Schroder, who was anticipating his bad day. The Latvians found themselves at 3-13 after a 0-11 run.

But the Germans are a roller. As against Slovenia, they came back after a bad start. At the end of the first quarter they had already taken a slipstream (13-16) and shortly after the restart they took the lead (17-16). Obst’s triples and the contributions of the substitutes revitalized the team. Thiemann prevailed in the area (10 points and seven rebounds), the Wagner brothers helped (Franz returned to play after being injured in the first game) and Lo was incisive. The work of Grazulis, scoring near the rim, and a new triple by Bertans made Latvia hold on to the break (36-34). Germany won despite the 0/9 in shots of its reference. It was not good news for the Baltics.

Latvia rises with triplesNot even Schroder’s first basket (23rd minute) made the Baltics worried. Under the direction of an excellent Zagars, he did not lose face in the match at any time. Theis began to impose his physicality (nine points and eight rebounds), but Bertans’ sixth triple left the score tight at the end of the third period (62-59). The Wagners, with the resources of Franz (16+8) and the drive of Moritz (12+4), took command in Germany, which shot up to a 14-point lead (74-60, min. 34). But not even there did Latvia give up. Three triples in a row (two from Smits and one from Zagars) put him back in the mix.

Schroder returned to the court for the final five minutes. They didn’t weigh his horrible percentages. He played four possessions in a row. He missed the first two to reach 2/20 in field goals, but he made the third one. And also the fourth. Personality, confidence, recklessness… A mixture of all of this to almost seal the score (79-69, min.38), but Zagars, with two wonderful innings, gave his team the last push. Schroder failed to finish, and in the last attack Bertans missed the miracle triple. Honor for the revelation of the World Cup, a Latvia that played like few other teams despite the losses of Kristaps Porzingis and Dairis Bertans. Germany advances, a great team capable of surviving the darkest day of its star.

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