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Ganna flies, Kuss maintains the lead and Remco is the moral winner

In the last grand laps, the time trials have largely decided the final winner. In Valladolid, on a 26 kilometer route, Remco Evenepoel, Jonas Vingegaard, Primož Roglič and company were looking to take a huge bite out of a Vuelta where Juan Ayuso and Enric Mas did not want to take away from the ‘goat’ podium options. The first to mark territory, the great favorite for partial victory, soon demonstrated that the throne suited him wonderfully. The transalpine player set a great time of 27’39 in Zorrilla.

The times of Nelson Oliveira gave hope to Enric Mas. The key at that point in the race was to see which of the fantastic five could come close to Ganna’s times, who went off the map and was above what was imaginable, moving more than expected and riding at 60 km/hour.

The Remco notice
At the first step of all the favorites, Primoz showed that he was the strongest. Even if he was for just a second. In the next one, Evenepoel already took command from among the big favorites. The references showed that the finish times were not going to be crazy. With all the ‘roosters’ at the finish line, almost everyone ended up happy. Ganna took the victory while Remco was the best of the favorites, a car from which no one got out. Not even Soler or Kuss, who maintains the lead. Marc is 26”, Remco 1’09”, Roglic 1’36”, Lenny Martínez 2’02”, Almeida 2’16”, Vingegaard 2’22, Ayuso 2’25 ‘and More at 2’50”.

11th stage: Lerma – Laguna Negra-Vinuesa, 163.2 km (Wednesday, September 6)New uniport day

New classic single-port day, typical of the Vuelta an España, with the finish in the Laguna Negra de Vinuesa (8.6 km at 5.7%). Everything points to a fight between the favorites for the general classification, who will want to show themselves and take seconds in the tight final with 9% ramps.

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