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Footballer Gilberto Hernandez, shot dead at age of 26 after gunmen opened fire in the city of Colon in Panama

Footballer Gilberto Hernandez shot dead at age of 26 after gunmen opened fire in the�city�of�Colon in Panama


Panama international defender, Gilberto Hernandez, has been shot dead at the age of 26.
The incident happened on Sunday, September 3, in the city of Colon after gunmen opened fire on a group of people who had gathered in a building in the city. Gilberto Hernández was among them. Hernández died, and seven others were injured in the attack.

The Panama Football League confirmed the news in a statement.

The Panama federation also issued a statement, saying it ‘regrets the sad passing of Gilberto Hernandez.

‘[We] extend condolences to his family and loved ones, as well as to the entire CAI and Panamanian football family.’

In a statement on Monday, the national police confirmed the “apprehension of a citizen suspected of the murder of a football player, which occurred on Sunday … in the province of Colón.”

Panama’s Colón province, with a population of about 300,000, recorded 102 homicides last year, nine fewer than the year before, according to government data. Authorities blame much of the violence on competing drug gangs.

Hernandez played for Panamanian team Independiente at the time of his death.

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