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Eve and Maximillion Cooper

Eve has been married to British millionaire Maximillion Cooper since 2014, after a four-year courtship that began in 2010. Their interracial relationship has existed throughout turbulent times in the United States that have saw racial tensions heightened to unimaginable levels with the deaths of Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, and countless other Black people. Though she has lived in the UK with Cooper for years, she’s experienced the collective pain of Black Americans during this time and it has transformed the pair’s relationship.

And over the course of their love, which has evolved to understand how race informs their experiences on both sides, Eve says that they have had, and still do, have conversations about race. In a clip released by TV One for Uncensored, Eve discusses how race factors into their relationship now.

“I don’t think about our race, I don’t,” she says. “When we first got together, yeah, of course. I had never been with a white guy seriously like that. So yeah, I definitely thought about it. But we are so honest with each other that we have discussions, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Eve and Cooper aren’t only involved in the discussion. They bring in family as well so that everyone around them can learn more about the multitude of experiences that exist in the household. “With my stepchildren, we have discussions,” she said. “We talk about race. We talk about America and what things go on here. Especially when he comes here and sees the violence that is going on. The police brutality. Things that he didn’t’ think still happen because he’s white and that’s just real — they live in a different reality.”

Eve wrapped up the interview with an interesting perspective on why their conversations matter, explaining that there’s a certain level of awareness that white people can lack. “They don’t have to think about it unless there is someone close to them that has gone through it or can explain to them certain things,” she said. “That’s a beautiful thing. That it is a discussion.”

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