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All eyes were locked on the television as several individuals tuned in to watch the Los Angeles Rams go against the Cincinnatti Bengals during Super bowl 56! Held in Inglewood, CA, it was filled with so many poppin’ moments that folks online are still talking about. From performances to commercials, you know the innanet shows no mercy. The halftime performance starring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem was what folks were waiting for all night and was a very significant moment.

Eminem was the center of attention after he stopped to take a knee. Now it’s unclear why he did it, but it’s rumored that he did it because the NFL told him not to. Shortly after his performance, people talked about the act, and his name trended online.


While Eminem hasn’t spoken out, taking a knee, The New York posts shows the NFL has denied the allegations. Reports state NFL reps denied the league had any differences with Eminem before his performance. In a statement to the Post, representatives said that players have been taking knees since 2016 without sanctions, so musical talent wouldn’t be held to a different standard.

As the night went on, the other performances continued to be a hot topic. Fans of Mary J. Blige were waiting all night to see her hit her signature moves, and she didn’t disappoint. However, she quickly became a meme as folks had her character on ‘Power,’ Monet Tejeda’s name trending. One person tweeted a picture of her laying down with the caption, “Monet fell out like dat cuz Zeke dead #SuperBowl  #PowerGhost.”

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