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Canadian rapper Drake surprised a fan with a $50,000 gift after the fan revealed that he had used his furniture money to attend two of Drake’s concerts.

The incident occurred during Drake’s concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The fan, who has not been identified, held up a sign that read, “Drake, I spent my furniture money on your two shows.”

Drake saw the sign and stopped the show to address the fan. “You know what, my man? Your furniture money, I will give you $50,000 because I love you,” Drake said.

“I am trying to teach you something tonight. I want you to understand something, You never know what the next person is going through.”

Drake has been giving away gifts to his fans during his ongoing tour. In Las Vegas on September 2, 2023, he gave a gold-colored Chanel bag to a female fan in the audience. He also gave a pink Birkin bag to another female fan in August and ensured that she had security to escort her home so that the bag, which costs between $10,000 and $30,000, would not be stolen


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