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Daniel Sancho’s cold and stark confession of the murder of Edwin Arrieta: “I brought bags, the saw and the machete”

Chilling confession and recreation of Daniel Sancho of the murder...

In the first days of August the world, especially in Colombia and Spain, experienced great shock due to the murder of the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta at the hands of the Iberian chef Daniel Sancho. Initially, the culprit reported the disappearance of the victim to the Thai authorities, but after a few hours the evidence began to expose him, and he decided to confess.

With their testimony and the security videos, they began to put together the schedule and map of what happened between July 31, the day on which the appointment was agreed upon and reservations were made at the Haad Salad Villa hotel in Arrieta’s name. And they managed to find out what was happening until August 7, when the procedures to accuse Sancho of the crime were completed.

And now, media in Spain revealed videos and fragments of the testimony and recreation of the confessed murderer to the Thai Police and investigators. Remembering that, Daniel explained that, supposedly, the Colombian was pressuring him with ‘clips’, photos and intimate material.

Daniel Sancho confessed how the fight with Edwin Arrieta started
After meeting at the Koh Phagan pier on August 2, having toured the place on a motorcycle and arriving at the hotel, the two entered the reserved room and Sancho said that there was a fight that triggered the rest. And the video revealed in the program’ Ahora Sonsoles ‘, on Antena 3 in Spain, begins with entering the crime scene.

Once inside, Sancho reports that he was sitting and Arrieta was standing in front of him, in the recreation he indicates that, presumably, they were arguing because the doctor was refusing to let the Spaniard and the bond or relationship they would have.

“I’m sorry, this has to end now,” the chef said of that conversation, adding that the response would have been: “No, you’re mine!” . According to the video testimony, at that moment it all started because Arrieta had asked and insisted on having privacy, causing the European’s harsh reaction.

At that moment, he spoke about what he would have done to defend himself, without giving details of what physical attack he received:

“I got up, took a step back and punched him (in the side of the face). According to the sequence seen, they were a few meters from the bathroom door, but due to the blow and struggle, they ended up inside that room. There followed Sancho’s statement: “He bit me and grabbed me… I grabbed him towards me, and I threw him (towards the sink) and he hit (his head). ” Furthermore, he says that he would have grabbed the Colombian by the neck to lift him up, and then he ended up on the floor, blood began to appear, and he doubted, out loud, whether he hit him more times.

Since the first details from the Thai authorities became known, the man identified as the murderer said that he did not know if the doctor was dead or unconscious, which is why it would have taken him a couple of hours to decide what to do.

Daniel Sancho told how he dismembered Edwin Arrieta and hid the partsDuring the reenactment, the European tells the person who is acting as the victim to get on the floor of the shower, since he would have dragged the body to that point. And the following story surprised many because it makes it clear that at that moment he would have been conscious of erasing the evidence and not being stained :

“I turned the water on full, hot, so that the blood wouldn’t clot and stick… I brought the bags, the saw and the machete”Kneeling, outside the shower and with the body inside it, Sancho comments that he took out one of his arms, took off the watch and said how he began to cut off the limb. At that moment, the translator handed the Iberian chef a kind of knife, to recreate the situation, but he did not accept and asked if it was necessary to take it with her hand, almost preventing her fingerprints from being left on that element.

While telling about the cuts and how he put the body in different bags, Sancho broke down emotionally and interrupted the continuity of the performance. Although his last sentence was forceful to imply what happened: “I put it inside the bags.” In ‘Now Sonsoles’ on Antena 3 they anticipated that a day later they will show more videos of Daniel Sancho’s confession of the crime against Edwin Arrieta. And they aired a preview of when he says that, while he got rid of some of his body parts and belongings, he left more bags with pieces of the victim in a refrigerator.

At that moment the reenactment stopped, Daniel Sancho couldn’t take it anymore, he sat down and started crying.



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