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Chris Rock returned to Saturday Night Live to host the 46th season premiere of the show, and his opening monologue didn’t pull any punches.

The comedian and actor started by throwing a jab at Donald Trump over his coronavirus diagnosis after downplaying the disease since its first appearance until the first presidential debate, just one day prior to his own COVID-19 diagnosis.

“President Trump is in the hospital with COVID and I just want to say, my heart goes out …. to COVID,” said Rock.

Later in his monologue, Rock questioned America’s governmental system, both in the Executive and Legislative branches.

“I think Joe Biden should be the last president ever,” he said, noting that the minimal requirements to become commander-in-chief are that you have to be an American citizen and at least 35 years of age, or, “fewer rules than a game show.”

“We need to renegotiate our relationship with the government … We need a whole new system,” he continued, referring to Congress. “We agreed we could not have kings, yet we have dukes and duchesses in the Senate, making decisions for poor people!”

Rock ended his monologue by quoting James Baldwin, saying, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

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