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Chioma and Davido’s love story: Why going back to an ex-lover might be the good decision

Davido and Chioma’s romance was the talk of 2018 -2019, everyone anticipated their wedding before Covid happened.
From all indications, Davido and Chioma are back together [Instagram]
From all indications, Davido and Chioma are back together

Davido is a popular afrobeat artiste who met Chioma, a chef and influencer, while she was still in University.

They started dating in 2018. Then in 2020, we heard rumours of a breakup. At the end of 2020, they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Throwback to 2021 when they were spotted with different people on dates. Davido was even photographed kissing another woman. We can’t forget how Davido’s birthday caption on Chioma’s birthday was, ‘Happy Birthday mummy Ifeanyi’. It seemed too cold and unaffectionate.

This year, we noticed they followed each other again and even began commenting and liking each other’s posts. What caused the breakup? Some people speculated that he cheated, but who knows?

We knew they were back together when we saw them walking hand in hand on the streets of London and an Instagram message from Davido asking for the price of a car for Chioma. The latest is both of them going to his aide, Israel DMV’s wedding.

From all indications, they are back together, but what lessons, if any, can we learn from them?

‘Nothing dey street’
Nothing dey street is a popular colloquialism that speaks of the deplorable state of dating. Dating is hard, very hard. Going on dates, and meeting all sorts of weird, strange and even evil people would make you run back to an ex.

Young love is not easy
Sometimes, you meet your ex at a time when neither one of you is ready for something serious or even understands what love is all about. Perhaps, you both need some time to mature.

No one knows you better than an ex-lover
From all the fights and reconciliations, who is better skilled to love you than someone who has gone through all that with you? Not to mention the sexual history together?

No one maybe better than an ex-lover
Perhaps you wondered if you were missing out on something and decided to explore the streets. The conclusion from your wandering? No one else is better.

The feelings never died
If you are still both in love with each other, then why hold back?

DISCLAIMER: Don’t suppose your ex has changed. People hardly do.

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