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Teh Chinese Doctors

…says they threaten Nigeria’s unity “Even if Accompanied by Angels,they will fail in Nigeria “ By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

It’s wrong for the Federal Government to allow Chinese Doctors come to Nigeria at this point in time, former Minister of Youth and Sport, Mr.Solomon Dalung has said. He said in an interview on Thursday , that no Nigerian inflicted with the coronavirus will allow the visiting Chinese Doctors to examine him.

The action, he observed, was like allowing a witch to serve as a birth attendant in the maternity. The interview was monitored on the Hausa Service of RFI by Vanguard correspondent in Kaduna. The former minister therefore advised that even if the Chinese Doctors were accompanied ‘ by Angels ” to Nigeria, the government should please ask them to leave. According to him,” the Nigeria Medical Association is not happy with the arrival of these Chinese Doctors. Majority of Nigerians too, are not in support of their coming.”

“It’s not a good thing for the unity enjoyed amongst Nigerians to be threatened with such kind of development.” “Nigerians have displayed their support to the government in its effort towards containing the spread of this disease that originated from China, spread across the world and now in Nigeria.” “Nigerians have shown this by sacrificing their wealth through various kinds of donations. They also cooperated, organized a united force with the intent of supporting the government. It is therefore necessary for the government to have listened to Nigerians before inviting the doctor’s to Nigeria.” “Nigerians are scared of the Chinese doctors. Therefore, even if they were accompanied by angels while coming , the mission will not be successful. Also, even if a Nigerian has coronavirus, the person will run away by sighting these Chinese doctors.” “Nigerians have stigmatized the Chinese now, because of coronavirus. Their attitude of causing harm in other people’s countries too, keeps people far from the Chinese.” “What the government had done could be likened to a situation where a witch was giving the role of birth attendant. Would the new born baby see the light of the day?”

“The government should engage our Nigerian doctors, we have qualified medical professionals who have graduated. We have medics, those looking for jobs and even old hands, professionals. We have varieties of nurses, midwives .The government should search for these medics ,train them on ways to contain the coronavirus.” “As I’m seeing this disease ,it’s not going to be possible for a foreigner to come to Nigeria and stop its spread. Imagine the controversy and the blame game among nations on the pandemic. How can we now allow the principal suspects into our country? That does not make sense.” ” I swear to God…the government should scrutinize these Chinese doctors thoroughly because by bringing such aids ,it could be another tactical way of spreading the disease in Nigeria. Another way by which they can wipe away blacks on the planet so as to possess our naturally endowed resources.” ” The Federal Government should thank them for coming, thank them for the care…but should ask them to go back. Tell them we can try and cure ourselves by ourselves.” ” It’s not rational for someone accused of witchcraft to now go to the market and buy a torchlight. The Federal Government should send them back, the period of 14 days should not even come up. Nigerians don’t like them. A patient will not even get well until you believe in your doctor. See how our people were preparing to run upon hearing of the arrival of the Chinese doctors.” ” So this issue will further divide the nation, cause disunity among the people. Government should thank them for coming and ask them to go. If the equipment they brought were certified okay, it should be received and put to use. This is my advice,”

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