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Minister for Justice and attorney general of the federation Abubakar Mallami while on politics today in channels television argued that Southern Governors have no right to ban open grazing in the south. He said its like Northern governors saying that the sell of spare parts is banned.

Nigerians lashed out at him for comparing murderous Fulani herdsmen who don’t buy land to graze to spare parts dealers who legitimately buy or rent shops and pay taxes while doing their businesses.

It has been trending on Twitter for over a week now. For many Igbos they felt it was a an insult on hard working spare parts dealers accross the country.

Igbo leaders are openly identifying themselves as spare parts dealers and supporting the parts dealers.

Chimaroke Nnamani former governor of Enugu state has declared himself the president of the spare parts dealers, Dr Joe Abbah and many Igbos are identifying with them.

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