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Cee-C tackles Ilebaye and Cross over amenities on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Housemates like Cee-C, Ilebaye and Cross didn’t seem to wake up on the right side of the bed with the early morning discord on Big Brother Naija All Stars.Ilebaye and Cee-C were seen trying to trash out a misunderstanding that caused them to avoid each other on BBNaija All Stars. Apparently, they had an issue previously over facial wipes provided by Big Brother to the housemates.

Ilebaye insisted on them discussing the issues, but Cee-C was reluctant, expressing that Ilebaye was adult enough to know what was wrong or right. She also asked Ilebaye to be grateful for age as the reason she wouldn’t respond duly to the issue, “I think you like to trigger shit… the luck wey you get na old age if you had met me 2018 Baye you go commot for this house”. With Cross, he didn’t seem to agree with Cee-C’s method of clearing out the dirt on the table. In his opinion, she should clear out the leftovers before trashing the containers, but Cee-C wasn’t having it. She said she felt those who left the place that way, were the ones in the wrong.

Things quickly turned to a back and forth between them for a few minutes, and they still didn’t come to a resolve after the altercation.Cee-C’s altercations with Cross and Ilebaye aren’t the only quarrels that happened this morning amongst the BBNaija All Stars housemates. Later on, Adekunle and Alex went at each other over locker spaces.

Adekunle was of the opinion that Alex had a negative reaction, considering the fact that she had more space than anybody else on that side of the locker room. But Alex didn’t like that at all, and it took the Head of House Omashola stepping in for a little calm to set in. These altercations that have happened this morning have been over what can only be described as trivial issues. The question that arises is if the eviction nominations are the reason for the heat amongst the BBNaija All Stars housemates

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