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Carvajal: “At no time have I said that Jenni is not the victim”

Carvajal at a press conference.

Daniel Carvajal stopped by the press room. The Madrid player is one of the captains of the team and one of the authoritative voices. ” It is quite clear what I think. I only defend the presumption of innocence. You cannot blame anyone without any sentence. The statement was complicated by getting 24 people to agree. We did it with good intentions. Very proud of the success they achieved. The “I congratulated them. Last Saturday they received a tribute from the Bernabéu.”

Regarding the consequences of what is happening. “For the good and the bad, the impact is very high. I am not going to give my opinion on a personal level. Everyone can do what they want. I am no one to judge anyone. At no time have I said that Jenni is not the victim, “I said that the presumption of innocence must be preserved. I don’t think the president is having a good time, but I’m not here to judge anyone.”

I am nobody to judge anyone. At no time have I said that Jenni is not the victimRegarding Rubiales he states: “I have an excellent opinion of Rubiales as president. I am not the one to clean up or undo in the Federation. Rubiales’ response? I did not see it. We said that we disagreed with what he did. We defend the values ​​of the sport”.

He talked about the locker room. “It is focused on the Georgia match, which is vital for the classification. We gave the statement to talk about football. Álvaro is the captain. He has been through many clubs. He has leadership capacity. In the end we have a very large social reach, We are in the focus of many people. It is not a pleasant topic for us, I wish only the championship that we have won had been talked about. We know what football means to Spain, and we seek to show our best level and at the media level to seek for everything to calm down. “.

The opinion I have of Rubiales as president, I have an excellent opinionCarvajal does not value Vilda’s goodbye. “I can’t answer. They are decisions that are made internally. To death with the mister from the moment we are here, the other decisions do not concern us. The mister clarified his situation. Of course, we are with him. He took us to win the Nations League. Each coach has his nuances. He asks us to make faster transitions and be more direct in the offensive phase, finishing plays.”

The winger is already a veteran. “Full satisfaction. I face each concentration to the fullest, as if it were the last. The young people have been pushing very hard and that is a reality.”

He doesn’t miss a nine in Real Madrid. “We are the most accomplished. Ancelotti already said that Bellingham had come and that it was going to be important. We have a very complete team in all areas, and we hope to be able to bring a lot of joy to the fans.”

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