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Carlos Sainz: victim of watch theft after taking the podium in Monza

Carlos Sainz target of attempted robbery in Milan after third place at  Italian Grand Prix - Mirror Online

Carlos Sainz finished third in Monza, after a race in which he had to do his best to avoid losing his trophy
. Satisfied and happy to be on the podium, for the first time this season, in front of the Tifosi fans, it seemed that nothing could go wrong. However, the Spanish pilot was the victim of a robbery.

After returning to the city after the race, Sainz left the Armani Hotel late in the afternoon. It was then, while he was on the street, when two individuals approached him and stole the watch that he was wearing on his wrist, a Richard Mille valued at almost half a million euros.

The robbers did not escape
Without hesitation, Sainz reacted quickly. He still had strength left after the intense ordeal that he had had to overcome that same afternoon, so he began to pursue the two robbers. He received the help of some people who were walking down the street at that time, and luckily they managed to block the escape in the Monte Napoleone area, where the police intervened quickly, thanks to the complaints received.

“This afternoon, in the Monte Napoleone area of ​​Milan, the State Police in Milan arrested three Moroccan citizens aged 18, 19 and 20 for conspiracy to rob Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. Around 8:30 p.m., in front of the Armani hotel, in via Manzoni, the three approached the driver who was in the company of the manager and one of them snatched a watch. The Formula 1 driver who was in the manager’s car tried to block the escape of the three and then abandoned the car and, with the help of passers-by, managed to stop a thief in via Pietro Verri. The second was stopped in via della Spiga by the Ferrari driver’s manager, and the third was stopped not far away by another member of staff with the collaboration of passersby,” the Police explained in a statement.

His teammate suffered something similarThe misfortune that happened to Sainz is very similar to what his teammate, Charles Leclerc, suffered approximately a year and a half ago. On April 18 of last year, the Monégasque was stripped of his watch, a Richard Mille valued at around 2 million euros, by false admirers who had approached the Ferrari driver with the excuse of taking a selfie.

Four people were then accused of being responsible for the robbery, three Italians and a woman, who were arrested almost a year after the crime by the Carabinieri. In addition to the two perpetrators of the robbery, who used an electric scooter to escape, a man and a woman who allegedly participated in the robbery by following the pilot while he was traveling aboard an SUV rented from a car rental company were also arrested.

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