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Boko Haram scare: Vehicles and people to be thoroughly screened at national assembly

Lawmakers, workers, legislative aides and other stakeholders in the parliament have been warned by the management of the National Assembly, of a possible security threat.

The warning followed the bureaucracy’s disclosure of introducing discreet measures to verify the identity of everybody entering the premises.

Punch reported that the ‘Internal Circular’ which came from the Clerk to the National Assembly, Amos Ojo; through the Secretary, Human Resources and Staff Development, Abiodun Oladoyin, and dated May 7, 2021, was addressed to all senators, honourable members; Deputy Clerk to the National Assembly, Clerk, Senate Clerk, House of Representatives; all secretaries; Deputy Clerk, Senate Deputy Clerk, House of Representatives; all directors (including clerks to committees); and all members of staff.

The circular titled ‘Strict Compliance with Security Protocol in the National Assembly’, read;

“I am directed to inform all legislators and staff that in view of the prevailing security situation in the country and the National Assembly in particular, it has become imperative to beef up security measures to prevent the infiltration of undesirable elements into the National Assembly complex.

“Consequently, security personnel have been mandated to search all vehicles and persons entering into the National Assembly.

“I am, therefore, directed to request that legislators and staff cooperate with the security agents and personnel in the National Assembly to enable them to perform their duty effectively to ensure the safety of lives and property within the National Assembly.

“Furthermore, legislators and staff are reminded to hang their ID cards at all times while in the complex to enhance the identification of all persons entering the complex.”

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