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Aston Villa opens a door for Lenglet

Lenglet during a move from Barcelona.

El Barça can find a way to unlock the Lenglet case in the Premier. Aston Villa has opened negotiations with the Catalan club to take center-back, a player Emery believes could do well in Birmingham.

According to sources from the British club, the operation is not easy, but they are going to try to close it in these last days of the market since things are heated with the player.Lenglet does not count for Barça and despite the fact that I have registered her in the first team, she has no assigned number and Xavi is clear that it is not part of his plans. The center-back said at the beginning of the season that he would take his time to decide where to play against the ‘slamming door’ to follow from Barça, and he has complied.

At the club they have received some inquiries, especially from Arabia, but in the end they have not been fruitful at any time and on August 28, Lenglet is still in the squad. The Frenchman’s departure is one of the ‘mandatory’ ones in Laporta’s last-minute plan, so the appearance of Aston Villa could be a good deal for both parties.

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