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Roma announced that their players, coach and staff have volunteered to “give up their salaries for the remainder of the season to help the club” during the lockdown.

The last Giallorossi game before the coronavirus pandemic took hold was on March 1, with several Serie A clubs working out deals to forego one or more months of their wages. Roma are the first to go so far as to cut four months’ worth of their salaries in order to help balance the books.

“The club’s players, first-team coach Paulo Fonseca, and his staff, have volunteered to forgo four months’ salary this season to help the club navigate the economic crisis that has engulfed the world of football since the Coronavirus outbreak, read a statement. “The players, coach and his coaching staff have also agreed to collectively pay the difference to ensure that all Roma employees who were placed on the government’s social safety net scheme will still receive their regular net salary.” CEO Guido Fienga praised the initiative of the players and staff, especially during the club’s very active charity initiatives during the COVID-19 crisis. “We always talk about unity at Roma and in volunteering to cut their salaries for the rest of the season, the players, the coach, and his staff, have all proved that we really are in this together,” said Fienga.

Edin, all the players and Paulo have demonstrated they understand what this club stands for and we also thank them all for their superb gesture towards the employees at this club.” They have agreed to forego their salary for the months of March, April, May and June. However, “if the current season resumes and is completed, the club and the players, coach, and his staff, have agreed an incentive plan to be paid subject to the achievement of certain sporting objectives. “Club management will also give up a percentage of their salary in this period to help the company.”

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