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Anabel Alonso, booed at the proclamation of the Béjar festivities: “Pesetera, scoundrel…”

Last weekend the festivities were celebrated in the city of Béjar, located in the province of Salamanca, and a renowned Spanish actress such as Anabel Alonso was in charge of giving the proclamation of these celebrations. However, the actress was booed and whistled in the middle of her act, and she almost couldn’t even finish it. The video of the proclamation of the festivities quickly went viral on social networks.

Shouting “pesetera” and” scoundrel “, Anabel Alonso had to give the proclamation of the Béjar festivities. The interpreter, who is very active on her social networks analyzing current events in Spain and sharing her political opinions openly, has earned more than one enemy. Furthermore, Béjar is a city governed by the PP, a political party that the actress has criticized on more than one occasion.

Anabel Alonso: “Pesetera? If they don’t pay me”
“Pesetera? If they don’t pay me, what a value. What do you mean, pesetera? Mayor, how much do they pay me?” was one of the first reactions of the interpreter to the boos and insults that were made to her while she gave the proclamation of parties.” If you want to boo me, do it, come on. You have the right to boo me if you want, I don’t really know why,” said the actress. On the other hand, she made some progress in the speech she had prepared and thanked “the mayor and his councilors, especially Javier, councilor for Equality.”

Anabel Alonso: “You have come not to listen to me”
However, the boos did not stop, and Anabel Alonso pointed out: “You have come not to listen to me.” Later, the actress shared words with someone who was also in the audience and told him: “The shame is that they are cowards, otherwise I would talk to them. ” Finally, the artist did not forget to use sarcasm when she began to laugh when reading this phrase about Béjar: “It is a welcoming city, where everyone is well received.”

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