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The President Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association Incorporated, Rev. Uma Ukpai, on Wednesday flayed agitation for Biafra being championed by the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra, and the Indigenous people of Brafra, describing those behind it as crazy people.

According to him, any one agitating for Biafra at this point goes to show the level of their madness, adding, however, that “everybody is mad; the difference is in the level of madness.”

Ukpai said these in his Office in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State onWednesday

“There will always be crazy people, even when people are seen to be normal. Whoever is agitating for Biafra shows the level of his madness, but everybody is mad, the difference is the level of your madness,” the cleric said.

However, he emphasised that it was normal and proper that every zone should be given the chance to lead, adding that the South-East had not led Nigeria before.

He also gave an assessment of Nigeria, saying that he was disappointed that at 60, there were still divisive elements holding the country apart.

“In Nigeria we are all in a hurry to reach where are going to, so much so that we have no regards for others, no time for others and no love for others.

“As a nation, until we love one another, we cannot notice one another. Only when we love that we can develop,” he said.

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